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Beat the Heat! 6 Tips to Stay Cool for a Better Night's Sleep

Summer is just around the corner. And for folks all around the country, hot and sleepless nights may be on the horizon.

Millions of Americans report they are unable to sleep when the temperatures start to rise, and it’s easy to see why. In order for our brains to reach that “sleepy” mindset, our internal body temperatures have to slowly drop before we can shut our eyes.

And that can be hard to do when you are sleeping in a hot or humid bedroom!

But the good news is: there are a myriad of ways folks can cool down without blasting the air conditioning and boosting the utility bills. Consider these tips for beating the heat to enjoy a better night’s rest.


Relocate the bedroom

Heat naturally rises, so over the course of the summer, the lowest levels of your home are consistently the coolest. If you’ve been thinking about making a change in your home’s layout, then consider moving your primary bedroom downstairs for an inherently cooler environment.


Try a smaller pillow

The head is the hottest part of the body. So if you are used to sleeping on a stack of big and fluffy pillows, you may be adding more heat that you realize. Try a smaller pillow or a foam or Buckwheat pillow that provides extra neck support while keeping the top of your body nice and cool.


Add a little water

Our bodies sweat as an effort to cool us down. And you can mimic this by a slightly dampening a sheet, pillowcase, or other bed covering. The key is to add a little extra air circulation to keep things nice and cool – like an open window or an overhead fan. The combination of a cooler and damp sheet and a little flowing air will work wonders in keeping you cool in the moments leading up to sleep.


Keep it dark

Bedrooms can naturally heat up when a lot of natural light is allowed to come in. So keep the shades drawn during the day to keep your room as cool as possible. As a bonus, the dark sleeping environment makes your room more conducive to sleep all day as well as all night, making it easy to sleep past those early morning moments of daylight.


Watch what you eat, and when

A rule of thumb when it comes to nighttime eating is the larger the meal, the more metabolic heat your body generates as it breaks down the food.

So keep mealtimes at least a couple hours before when you head to bed. And make some smart switches so your body doesn’t have to work too hard to digest your evening snacks. Instead of meats or protein-rich foods, stick to veggies, fruits, and salads which your body can metabolize with little effort.


Stay loose and comfortable

Tight pajamas can actually trap body heat, keeping your temperature high all night long. So ditch the tight attire in the summer months, and opt for loose and breathable clothes that move instead, like a cotton T-shirt and shorts.


With a few small changes, the warm summer months don’t have to translate to sleepless nights or big utility bills. Make a few minor adjustments in your bedroom, lifestyle, and sleeping habits, and enjoy a comfortable rest all summer long.


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Beat the Heat! 6 Tips to Stay Cool for a Better Night's Sleep
Have trouble sleeping when the temperatures rise? Then try these 6 simple tips that can help you stay cool and sleep well without affecting your utility bills.

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