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Five Reasons to Sleep Well in Winter

The wintertime is just around the corner! And with it comes a mixture of chilly temperatures, longer nights, and big holiday events that revolve around food, family and friends.

So if you want to enjoy every aspect of the winter season, without feeling tired, sick, or overwhelmed, there’s a simple thing you can do to make the season bright – namely, sleep!

A lack of sleep can interfere with so much of our lives. And if you have a condition like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it can be impossible to feel your best for all the activities and events the wintertime brings.

But by treating your OSA, and by getting the rest you need, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits by the time the first snow falls, simply by being a happy, healthier you.

So how does a quality night’s rest improve your health in the winter season? Let us count the ways…


How Sleeping Well Means Being Healthy This Winter

1. Fewer colds and viruses

The winter is well known as cold and flu season, as it’s when germs spread at their highest levels, and when we’re most likely to catch that virus or illness going around at school, the office, or in the neighborhood.

But a good night’s rest boosts your immune system, and helps prevent all those seasonal colds from affecting your health. In fact, a recent study found that people who receive less than 5 hours of quality sleep per night were 3 times more likely to catch a cold then a person who slept soundly.


2. Less overeating

It’s easy to overindulge when the holidays roll around, and all those holiday feasts, parties, and home cooked goodies can wreak havoc on your waistline come spring.

But by sleeping well, you’ll naturally boost the hormones that control your appetite, such as ghrelin, leptin and insulin, which will lead to a better sense of feeling full, and less overeating throughout the holidays.


3. Less severe allergies

Many people experience allergy flare-ups when the leaves fall or the temperatures drop.

And a sleeping condition like obstructive sleep apnea can make these allergies worse by putting added pressure on the neck and throat muscles, and increasing mucus production.

But by getting your OSA under control, you’ll have an easier time making it through the allergy season with fewer issues.


4. Better impulse control

The holidays naturally come with big parties, events, and time with family and friends where the wine and champagne flow, and it’s easy to enjoy a few big nights out on the town.

But if you aren’t getting the sleep you need, it’s equally easy to overindulge and enjoy the festivities a little too much. Luckily, a quality night’s rest enhances your judgement and impulse control, which will help in ensuring that all your holiday celebrations are safe and responsibly fun.


5. A happier mindset

When the days grow shorter, and the temperatures drop, it’s easy to get a case of the winter blues.

Luckily, a good night’s sleep naturally enhances the production of all-important “happy” chemicals that may dwindle in the wintertime, such as melatonin, which will help you face the winter with a more optimistic mindset.


Simply put, from enjoying the holiday celebrations to feeling healthy throughout cold season, there’s very little a good night’s sleep can’t do. So ensure you’re sleeping at your best, and make the wintertime a season to look forward to for weeks to come.

To get started on sleeping better and feeling great, contact us to see how we can help.

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Five Reasons to Sleep Well in Winter
Wintertime means seasonal colds, overindulging, and the blues. See how quality sleep is the perfect tool to fight all of these seasonal issues and more!

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