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Need an Excuse to Have Some Fun? – It’s National Hobby Month!

The New Year is always accompanied with a list of resolutions that aren’t necessarily enjoyable – like working more, or losing weight.

But why not find a resolution that brings more joy to your life?

Welcome to National Hobby Month!

January’s designation as National Hobby Month is a perfect opportunity to start the New Year with a little fun. Best of all, picking up a new hobby can be a great opportunity to accomplish your resolutions without extra effort.

Whether you take up hiking, painting, or learning a new skill, it’s a great time to shake off the winter blues and do something you love.

Need help finding or embracing a hobby? Then consider these tips that will help you celebrate National Hobby Month to the fullest.

How to Pick (and Stick with) a Hobby

  • Figuring out your favorite (practical) hobby

If you had no work or commitments, what would you do with your free time?

Use this question as a launching point for finding your ideal hobby. Then consider any accompanying considerations to make sure that your hobby is something you can enjoy for the long haul.

Are there big expenses? Or does it require travel or excess time?

Make sure that your hobby can be easily ingrained into your everyday schedule, budget, and overall enjoyment.

  • Dive into the details

If you like to take photos, what are your favorite subjects?

If you’ve always wanted to paint, or write, or try a new sport, are there classes or groups available in your area that can help?

The easiest way to find time for a hobby is to make a plan, so check out the details to turn your ideal hobby into an achievable reality.

  • Find your friends

Chances are there are plenty of people who love to do what you do! Having a small or even large group of other hobby enthusiasts makes it easier to enjoy your pursuits.

Search for related Facebook or online groups, or just chat with friends to see if you can find some folks who will keep you inspired and motivated.

How a Hobby is Healthy

  • Find the benefits

Virtually every constructive hobby has a world of benefits. Some hobbies, like art, crafting, or creative pursuits of all varieties, can actually make money thanks to sites like Etsy.

Other hobbies, like hiking, biking, or yoga, can promote a healthier lifestyle.

And still others, like volunteering, blogging or writing, or working with kids, can create a better community.

Make a list of all the potential benefits, so you can feel even better about doing what you love.

  • Find the time

One of the most common reasons why people don’t pursue or stick with a hobby is because they are too busy.

Give yourself the gift of time to relax and enjoy yourself! Make a schedule if you have to, in order to stay on track, and ensure that your hobby fits into your busy life.

  • Make sure you have the energy!

Medical conditions, like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), can slow us down and sap the energy we have to do even the simplest tasks.

So make sure that you have plenty of energy to work, play, and enjoy yourself!

By treating OSA, you’ll find that you naturally have more hours in the day and evening to do what you love. You will ensure that your energy levels, mood, and overall outlook are at their best, to enjoy your new or favorite pursuits in the months and years to come.

Do you have sleep issues making you too tired to start a new hobby?

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Need an Excuse to Have Some Fun? – It’s National Hobby Month!
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