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Sleeping Habits and Kids: How to Help Your Child Get a Better Night's Rest

Parents may know that it’s important for their children to get a good night’s rest in order to play, learn, and grow during the day. But they might not be aware of just how critical a good night’s rest is for their children’s development. Hence sleeping habits and routines should be a top priority for parents.

Ample and quality sleep is crucial for growing kids, as sleep is when our bodies and brains undergo the bulk of our development. When our eyes are closed, our bodies renew cells, retain new information, and grow in a myriad of different ways. So it’s essential for kids to get all the rest they can to eventually transform into healthy adults.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for parents to undergo a nightly battle to help kids get to sleep. Children are naturally active, alert and excited, so being able to unwind and achieve a good night’s rest can certainly be a struggle.

So how do you help your kids fall asleep when they can’t seem to keep their eyes closed? Start with these little tricks and long-term guidelines to ensure your children rest easier.


Healthy Sleep Means Happy Kids: Guidelines for Kids and Sleep

Have a set bedtime, all the time

In the summer, it’s easy for kids to stay up late and sleep in. But having a consistent bedtime is key for being able to rest well.

Losing an hour of sleep here or there is akin to jet lag. Furthermore, our bodies rely on our circadian rhythms to dictate our sleep schedule, and to get those periods of deep sleep – or REM sleep – that are crucial to feel rested.

So have a set bedtime, and keep it consistent, all year long. Their happy faces the next day will be your priceless reward!


Remove the screens

The blue light that emits from screens can alter our circadian rhythms as well, and can keep the brain highly active well after it’s time to rest.

So enlist a “No screens before bedtime” rule to ensure that modern technology isn’t interfering with your child’s ability to rest.


Promote a healthy diet

The problem with most kid-friendly foods is they are loaded with sugar, corn syrup, unrefined carbs, and other ingredients that can spike their energy levels – especially in the evenings.

So make sure your kids snack healthy, especially in the moments before bedtime. Avoid juices and “fruit drinks” that are high in sugar at night.

And have healthier alternatives on hand, like:

  • veggies;
  • nuts;
  • whole grain crackers – in case your child is in need of a late-night snack.

Want more great ideas for snacks? Check out this post:


Watch for sleeping disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea

Though not as common in children as in adults, obstructive sleep apnea can indeed affect everyone, including kids and teenagers.

As such, be on the lookout for signs of an inherent problem with your child’s ability to rest:

  • Loud snoring
  • Excessive daytime fatigue
  • Increased irritability and moodiness in the daytime
  • Morning headaches


Finding a healthy routine and sticking with it can go a long way in ensuring your child gets the rest they need. So make smart decisions when it comes to bedtime habits, and give your kids the best chance possible to grow into happy and healthy adults across the board.

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Sleeping Habits and Kids: How to Help Your Child Get a Better Night's Rest
How do you help your child get the rest they need to grow into healthy adults? It starts with these tricks and guidelines that will lead to a lifetime of good sleeping habits.

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