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Surprising Ways You’ll Benefit From Treating Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea

After a few weeks or even days of treating your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you’ll likely feel better in a number of noticeable ways. You’ll feel less fatigued and out of focus during the day, as well as the disappearance of symptoms like morning headaches. You will simply feel better rested across the board.

But did you know that there is also a wide array of more surprising and subtle benefits when you finally get your OSA under control?

Five Ways Your Life Will Improve with Sleep Apnea Treatment

1. Fewer sick days

When we are fast asleep, our bodies are busy building our defense systems.

But with obstructive sleep apnea, these regular processes are interrupted, as your brain and body have to fight to breathe continually through the night.

The good news is that once you are sleeping soundly, your body is able to get back to restorative work. This eventually leads to fewer colds, bugs, viruses, and other ailments that are easy to catch without a strong defense.


2. Natural weight loss

Obstructive sleep apnea leads to obesity in a few different ways.

  • When you can’t sleep, hormone levels that help to control your appetite and cravings, like ghrelin, leptin and insulin, are affected. This leads to overeating.
  • Daytime fatigue inherently leads to less energy and activity, so you don’t burn the calories you consume.

But when you get the rest you need, your body is able to regulate the production of these chemicals. In addition, your daytime fatigue subsides as you catch up on all the sleep you missed.

With more control and more energy, you may notice that you make healthier choices and naturally start to lose weight with little effort.


3. Shorter recovery time

Our bodies also use sleep as an opportunity to conduct needed repairs.

Our ability to heal is greatly influenced by our ability to rest. This is because when our eyes are closed, our bodies are repairing tissues and cells at a faster rate than when we are wide awake.

As such, once you are sleeping soundly, you may notice that ailments or injuries have a faster recovery time, as your body can regenerate damaged parts more efficiently.


4. A youthful glow

This same regeneration of cells and tissues also affects our appearance!

As such, after you start treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, you might notice that you look “well rested,” and have healthier skin across the board.

The best “night cream” to look younger is free – just sleep!


5. A better ability to make smart decisions

When you’re exhausted all the time, your ability to make good decisions suffers.

This is because without sleep, your brain can’t process information clearly. So instead it relies on impulses, rather than thinking things through.

Once you achieve quality sleep again, you may find that your inclination to indulge in risky behaviors or bad habits naturally declines, while your ability to make smarter decisions increases.


Ready to get your obstructive sleep apnea under control?

There’s no time like the present! Consider all the ways that your health and happiness is positively affected once you seek treatment for OSA. And take a big step forward to a much better YOU from head to toe.

Do you or a loved one suffer from sleep apnea? Don’t hesitate to contact us here. You’ll love the way you will feel after treatment! See how easy it is here.

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Surprising Ways You’ll Benefit From Treating Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea
You may already know about the noticeable benefits of treating OSA. But take a closer look at some of the surprising ways that treatment will enhance your overall health and happiness, from inside out!

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