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TGIM (Thank God It's Monday)

It’s that time of year. Spirits are high as everyone is setting their intentions for 2018. Did you know that the first Monday of January is officially recognized as “Thank God it’s Monday Day”?

The entire idea behind this day is rooted in optimism, enthusiasm, and energy.

On this day you can reflect on all of the upcoming opportunities in the new year. Maybe it’s a promotion, a major purchase, or even a vacation.

Whatever reason you have for celebrating the new year, this day is excellent for reflecting and re-centering your intentions for the year.

This “holiday” is the perfect antidote for the lethargy many often battle after coming off that holiday high. Returning to work or school after Christmas and New Year’s isn’t ideal, but it is reality.

The least we could do is make our first day back enjoyable for all!


Making Monday Memorable

It’s natural to feel a bit of a slump after the holidays—you’re returning to all the work you left behind!

You’ve just spent some time surrounded by family and friends, relaxing, and enjoying decadent food. So it can be hard to motivate yourself to get back into the normal routine.

How can you stay motivated once the “fun” part of winter is over? Check out some of our ideas:

  • Plan a vacation: Waste no time in organizing your (much deserved) break. When you have a goal to work towards, you’re more likely to stay motivated and happy.

Choose a destination and get that calendar countdown ready!

  • Treat yourself: The holidays are both rewarding and draining. Especially if you spent a solid month catering to others, you need to recognize your need to kick back and relax

Book that massage or buy that new gadget. Whatever you choose just know that you deserve some pampering too.

  • Host an office party: Ease back into work by organizing a potluck—your coworkers with fridges full of leftovers will probably be happy with this.

A fun activity on the first day back to work can be just what the team needs to boost morale and start the year off on the right foot!

  • Commit to something new: Get your mindset right for 2018 by committing to learning something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to play the piano, snowboard, or brush up on that high school Spanish.

Whatever it is, make the necessary moves to start learning. Keeping your mind sharp is the true key to defying age!

Mondays don’t have to be miserable! Start 2018 off with a memorable and motivational first Monday.

How do you plan to stay motivated?

Let us know in the comments!

Make your well-being a priority this year: use the first Monday of the year to commit to yourself and your health.

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TGIM (Thank God It's Monday)
The first Monday in January is known as “Thank God Its Monday Day,” a day to celebrate the new energy and opportunities 2018 has to offer.

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