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Time to Celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day

Did you know that the third Thursday of every quarter is “Get to Know Your Customers Day?” January is the first of four opportunities (January, April, July, October) to mark this occasion and potentially grow your business!

Whether you are a CEO or a freelancer, your customer is the backbone of your operation. And by understanding your client, you can fill a niche that generates repeat business and referrals for years to come – regardless of what type of work you do!

Not sure where to start? Begin with these tips to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your clients and customers connected to your business.

Things Your Customers Will Love


  • Be Social

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers! Keep a regular schedule of at least 2-3 posts per week. Unless it’s urgent, try to avoid doing more than a post per day so you don’t clog up your followers’ newsfeed.

Be sure to ask questions that engage your customers! Asking for their input, feedback, and ideas connects you with your client base. It also provides valuable insight on what they want from your business.


  • Respond to the Reviews

Websites like Yelp, Google and even TripAdvisor have changed the game when it comes to new business.

New customers now scan reviews before moving forward, so your reviews are essentially your first opportunity to make a great impression. Respond to positive reviews with gratitude, and reach out to any reviewers who may have been unsatisfied.

By addressing reviews, you can help maintain repeat business, generate new business, and obtain valuable information on what your company does well, and what needs work!


  • Show Appreciation

“Get to Know Your Customers Day” is an opportunity to reward your loyal clients with a little swag.

Create a promotional giveaway, open house, or marketing endeavor that best aligns with your business to let your customers know that they are appreciated!


  • Implement Surveys

After a client has used your business, do you know if they were happy with your service?

A quick online survey can go a long way in getting immediate feedback on your clients’ experience with your company.


  • Keep it Positive

Every interaction is a chance to develop a long-term relationship, so always put your best face – and mood – forward!

One of the primary ways that customers judge the quality of your business is the demeanor of the folks they encounter.

So keep it positive, happy, and energized throughout every interaction!

Remember that when it comes to staying consistent, happy, and focused on the customer, there are some things that can throw a wrench in the works. Conditions like obstructive sleep apnea can continually affect your mood, your energy levels, and your productivity – (and your customers will notice!)

So get treated if you haven’t already. You want to be at your most productive and accommodating with every client interaction. If customers make up the bulk of your business, you need to be at your best.

And in the spirit of “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” remember that we’d always love to hear from you too!

We are always standing by to answer any question you may have about obstructive sleep apnea – from how to get tested, to questions about insurance coverage. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime, and let’s work together to find your personalized solution to this common condition.

We value our customers every day – (not just once a quarter!) – and we will do everything we can to make sure you feel great again.

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Time to Celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day
It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! Increase your positive client interactions with these helpful tips from marketing pros.

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